A Vendor’s Guide to Preparing for Spring Craft Shows

Preparing for Spring Craft Fairs
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Ah, Spring.  Most people love the return of color and warmth after a long winter.  It’s exciting to get outside again – refreshing.  Renewal, rebirth and a return to things like gardening and being outdoors are all great feelings to tap into with your Spring Craft items.  When you reach your customers on an emotional/sentimental level it can lead to more sales.

Even if most of your inventory isn’t “Spring” themed specifically, try to offer at least a few items that tap into that mindset, and if possible use decor in your booth/stall that also reflects this happy, colorful energy.

A lot of Spring craft fairs focus on Easter and Mother’s day holidays, but also on gardening, birds and animals, and the pops of bright pastel colors.  When doing seasonal craft fairs; I try to incorporate ideas that really make you “feel” that season.

Preparing for Spring Craft Shows Outdoors

Unfortunately, Spring craft fairs and festivals that are outdoors tend to be sketchy due to unpredictable weather and the vacillation between cold and hot temperatures.  If you do any outdoor shows, this is a good time to purchase a new canopy if necessary.

If not, be sure to weatherproof your canopy tops as Spring tends to bring rain.  A well weather proofed top can prevent disaster.

Aqua armor does a great job of making your canopy tops rain resistant.  If you’ve ever used something like “rainx” on your windshield, this does basically the same thing.  It beads up the water and helps it run off easier.

Also, be sure you have a weather radio or app on your phone.  The National Weather Service doesn’t have an officially sanctioned independent weather app yet, but there is a free android app that uses the information from the NWS to alert to incoming weather and provide the latest forecasts.  Very handy.

Any Spring show I have done outdoors has proven to be a test of endurance usually 🙂  When possible have your items arranged in such a way that they are easy to gather and put under tables, or cover quickly.  Often Spring showers pop up in many areas with little to no warning, so always be prepared for anything.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on heavy tarps, you can use heavy duty shower curtain liners.  they are less expensive and do a great job.  Make sure you get medium weight or greater, not the dollar store ones – they don’t do as well.  One perk I’ve found is if I use the clear ones, people who are ducking into my booth to escape the drops can still kind of see my inventory through them.

Sales Tips for Spring Craft Fairs

Make sure your displays and at least some of your items give a spring feel.  Use vibrant color, greenery, flowers or anything that taps into that Spring spirit.

Make something special for Mother’s day that is very sentimental and one of a kind.  Mother’s day is a big seller and falls right in May.

Father’s day is a good one too, although it’s later in the season.  Make a more masculine specialty and package it for Father’s day.  “Beer soap” is a good one, shaving soaps, any masculine craft item really – custom key chains, etc.

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