Handmade Soap Display Ideas That Will Increase Sales

soap display ideas to increase sales

Handmade soaps are a more common item at craft fairs these days.  Of course, there are many ways to make soap uniquely your own, but when faced with often stiff competition – your display and presentation becomes even more important.  Here are some soap display ideas that I feel really work.  Hopefully, they will serve as inspiration for you.

Soap Display Ideas

soap display idea elevated crates
What works in this display: The uniformity and nice look of the crates draws the eye to the products – not the display itself. Notice how the crates are also elevated at an angle? This puts the product at eye level for passers-by and ensures more people stop to look. Her price sign is large, visible and clearly front and center. GREAT display – simple, but very effective.


You can recreate a similar look with the crates below, or even build them if you like.  Buying crates ensures a uniform look.  You could then put your signs on them or decorate them to make them your own.

Next up, is a round display I really like.  It’s tiered, so again it draws the eyes up.  This one doesn’t have soap in it, but I can sure imagine it how about you?  Look how the display is highlighted with the simple contrasting bows! This is another eye-catching trick that creates a clean, nice display and doesn’t take away from the product being presented.  The tiers elevate and draw the eyes as well and put the product right in ideal browsing range.

soap display idea tiered stands
Love this stand – it would look amazing with bars of soap in it.

These tiered stands can be pricey, so another alternative is to purchase a basic 5-tiered stand and then decorate the edges however you like, glue on lace trim, or a beaded accent and make it your own.

The next idea is also fun because it  taps into natural human curiosity and the desire to “find a treasure”,  while still maintaining a uniform look and eye catching display

soap display ideas: cubbies
Soap display using cubbies.  This display is elevated, has a nice organized look and at the same time captures the desire to seek out a treasure.  It is a great design element that really works.


Another thing to consider is the labels and packaging.  This is an area where you can really shine and be creative, putting your own unique spin on things.  Brand recognition is how you get repeat buyers and keep your business your own.

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