Inexpensive Sign Protectors Increase Sales and Enhance Craft Displays

craft fair sign protectors

Please allow me to present a product recommendation to you that I just know you’ll find to be worth the small investment.  (under $20!).  Sign protectors are a fantastic way to keep your signage crisp and sharp.  It gives a polished appearance and actually draws people’s eyes to your signs.  Seriously, this is one area where you will notice a return on investment immediately.

You know how it goes.  Sometimes you get busy talking with a customer and others are starting to approach and you can’t talk to everyone at once.  Good signs that stand out and enhance your display also help you provide information to your customers when you can’t simply drop what you are doing and run over to them!

Below is a picture of our tables at a small, but crowded event a couple of years ago.  See how you can see the signs from a distance? the plastic sign protectors keep our displays looking great and they really draw the eye don’t they?

sign protectors

Well, when I purchased the set in the picture a few years ago, they were almost $40! I discovered today though that Amazon has a set of 6 for under $20, so I had to post and let all of you know.  They work so well, we are still using our original set!

The same company makes the ones I use, although mine have slide on/off bases.  I may actually switch to these, because I find the bottoms of mine tend to slide off too easily.  With this set, the sign protectors are one solid piece.

So, hopefully you’ll find this little investment will not only make your craft displays look amazing, they’ll help you improve your sales by making information easy to see.

Good luck with your sales!


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