Sell Personalized Gifts Locally

sell personalized gifts

One way I bring in some extra money is to offer to create personalized items for others. I do wine bottle LED lights with custom labels I create in Photoshop. I can do these for weddings, birthdays, school teams, you get the idea. It’s a neat way to make something you know someone is going to really cherish.  Sell personalized gifts and you’ll have another little niche.

Advertising locally is often free or inexpensive. Look for Facebook groups in your local area that allow you to sell items and list there. If there are community bulletin boards (check libraries and grocery stores) print off a flyer with phone tabs and place them around town. You can also set up a sample item at a craft fair with “your message here” placed on it – or bring a book of photos of custom items you’ve created in the past.

Here is a custom bottle I created recently as a gift for an upcoming wedding.

custom wine bottle artwinebottlerearcraftbooth

Getting commissions and word of mouth advertising is an ideal way to expand your business and introduce others to your products.  Be sure you have a website, blog or Facebook page to highlight your items.

You don’t have to be website coding savvy to have a place to show off your items.  Many crafters start with blogger sites (free) or even just a Facebook page.  Eventually you’ll want a domain name and your own website, but for those just getting started or who need a quick place to show off their items – there are free ways to do it.


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