Name Your Craft Business Free Tools for the Perfect Name

free tools to name your craft business

Business Name Generator

Searching for the perfect, clever name for your craft business? This website generates both business and domain names based on combinations of words you choose. Online apps like this are fun to play with, can spark your creativity and are a great way to name your craft business.

In the top field your put your primary word – jewelry, soaps, quilts – whatever it is that you make (because your name should make it clear what you are selling).

In the next field, you put all the secondary keywords you like “awesome” “clever” “crafty” … whatever words you like, then press the button and away it goes.

You can even see if domains using your generated business name are available- a very cool tool for those just starting out who may be struggling to come up with a business name.

Here are some other similar sites that I like as well:  *Sadly this one is no longer working, but I’ve found some more This is a nice website.  It does require a free sign-up to use the tool.  You add a couple of keywords and it gives you domain name suggestions.  It also has a feature where you can ask the community for help.  They also do fun things like naming contests. This tool has you enter two words a primary and secondary, then combines them in different ways to come up with suggestions.  You can allow it to add hyphens (not usually recommended with domains) and even tell it to rhyme.  It then generates a color-coded list of names to tell you what is available, what is registered and what is up for sale/auction. This is another good one, very customizable and comprehensive. You start by typing in a word, syllable, or letter and fill out the options from there. You can choose the total syllables your name has, find out if a matching domain is available and it will generate dozens of options for you. Turn ideas into names.  You simply enter a keyword and then this tool generates a list of domains using that word or similar words.  You have the option to add or eliminate various extensions (.com .net etc).  Although it’s mostly for checking domains, a matching domain and business identity is ideal. This is a neat tool you can tell it to place an adjective, verb or noun before or after a keyword that you choose and then it generates a list of available domain names with those commands.  This is good for coming up with shorter, easier to remember domain names.

Once you have your business name chosen, be sure to get some custom items with your name to develop brand awareness.


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    1. hmmm. I’ll look into that. It was working just the other day, perhaps they are having a temporary issue or something. I’ll check 🙂

  1. I wish I’d known about this when I was naming my business! It took hubby and I several tries before we came up with even a single option we liked! I have a freelance writing business as well and I’ve been looking for a name. Guess where I’m going! Thanks!

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