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The most important principle of marketing your crafts is to remember that your display is just as important as what you are selling. Your booth is the equivalent of a tiny, portable retail shop and it should be treated as such. Learning a bit about retail display techniques will actually help bolster your traffic – and ultimately, your sales when done correctly.

Here are some key elements to keep in mind. You want your booth to look full, but not cluttered. Keep your entry way clear and have your booth set up in such a way that people can easily work their way around. Common table setups are a U shape, or tables along the sides with a space in the center. This draws people into your display and that “drawing in” is more likely to lead to purchases.

Your backdrops, table coverings and other display items should contrast nicely with what you are selling but not detract from it. If you are selling something mostly dark in color, try placing it on a light, neutral colored backdrop. If you are selling vivid bright colors, a dark backdrop works best – not another vivid color as it will be too “loud” visually.

Lighting is another consideration. For outdoor events, you need to consider how the natural light will hit your products. You may need to protect them by placing sidewalls on your canopy, or in some instances, you can use that sunlight to your advantage and place some sparkly or shiny pieces out in the sunlight. For electric lights, use soft bulbs in warm tones and avoid harsh white or blue light. Soft lights are alluring and welcoming. They can add a visual depth to your display that draws people in.

Use texture, height, and pay attention to not just your “front and center”, but also the sides of your display area. Many crafters direct all their attention front and center, but shoppers eyes tend to scan in a circle, use that to your advantage and capture their attention right away.

Cover your tables completely, top to bottom on all sides. Nothing distracts from a booth and looks more messy than seeing clutter beneath tables. Use a good table skirt, or get covers long enough to go to the ground.

Consider jazzing up your tent or booth tops and walls with fabric swags, curtains, or other visually interesting things. This makes your booth stand out in the crowd of tents. Some hang banners and signs from their canopy tops and this works great as well.

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