Inexpensive Table Riser Ideas

craft fair table riser DIY

Are you looking for another great way to show off your products and really get them to stand out?  Raise your tables! In past posts, I’ve talked a lot about getting your items up off the flat surface and placing them at different heights on the tables with your displays.  This draws the eye and gets people to look.

Another cool idea? Raise your tables (or even just one of them) using these simple tricks.

I personally use a set of bed risers like the ones below:

craft fair table risers

The risers are sturdy and will raise your table off the ground by 6 inches. It’s a great way to not only highlight your main display and bring it more to eye level, it also increases your storage space and ease of access during a show. They run about 10 bucks for a set of 4 – not bad at all.  You can find them here.

Another cheap solution if you are handy is PVC pipe. The gentleman in the YouTube video below shows how this simple, yet sturdy table trick can get you a rise of whatever height you need.  This is a cheap, albeit not as nice looking solution.

I personally prefer bed risers because they look a little nicer If your skirt is not long enough to completely cover the legs of your tables.

So there you have it – two simple ways to enhance your already fabulous display!

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