Fun Spring Crafts to Inspire You

Spring craft ideas

I love Spring – the return to longer days and the emerging new life and colors.  I think a lot of us get that creative bug or desire to be more active when Spring is almost upon us.  I was looking around for some fun spring crafts to do with the kids over break and thought I’d share a post with some of my favorites.  I hope you find some inspiration too!

Fun Spring Crafts | Clever Ideas

egg carton wreath finished

Check out the wreath above – know what it’s made out of?  – Egg Cartons! How fun is that? Wouldn’t all those vibrant colors be fun to hang on the door?

Do you ever see old things at Flea Markets and try to imagine fun ways to re-purpose them?  I saw these colander hanging planters on the Creative Savings blog – they are so adorable and I think they’d make a fun Easter or Mother’s Day handmade gift.

DIY Hanging Colander Planter Tutorial


I have always loved decoupage.  It is a frugal, fun way to do all sorts of projects.  I saw these 3D decoupage cards though and really fell in love!  How gorgeous.  Things like this could also be framed in a shadow box.

3D Paper Craft Tutorial


Butterfly houses are another amazing Spring craft you can make (and probably even sell) and there are so many lovely ways to paint them and make them a focal point of your garden or yard.  It also helps the butterflies – so what a great project!

Painted Butterfly House from HubPages


You can build them from scratch, or purchase a kit like this one:

Clay or terracotta pots are inexpensive this time of year.  You can find them at flea markets, yard sales, and even dollar stores.  They are great for decoupage, painting, and many other projects.  Simple decoupage can make great planters for your garden, or even as gifts.

fun spring crafts decoupage flower pots
Decoupage Flower Pot


So, what projects are you working on for the Spring season? Feel free to share your favorites!


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