Free Printable Tags for Crafts

free printable tags for crafts

I have created another freebie for my followers that you are welcome to download, print and use for your craft products.  I hope you will enjoy this set of free printable tags for crafts.  What a simple way to add appeal to your products.

Free tags with little messages are an inexpensive way to add sentimentality and value to your crafts.  These little touches often increase sales because they enhance the appeal and perceived value of your items.  When you see a cute “handmade with love” or “made especially for you” etc. it makes you smile :). Hopefully those smiles translate into inspiration to buy.

You can hole punch these and put them on your items with twine or ribbon.  You could even print them on sticker paper if you prefer and stick them on, although I tend to like the ribbon/hole punch myself.  Twine is always super cheap at your local dollar store.

You can also print some off and place them in a basket so that shoppers who want them for their purchases can take one to put on their item.  Those who are buying gifts for others might appreciate that option.

Click the link to download a high-res .pdf to print.  Enjoy! and please share my blog and this post! 😀

Free Printable Craft Tags | Handmade with Love 

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