Free Printable Handmade Tags for Crafts

free printable handmade tags for craft items

When it comes to creating beautiful products, packaging can do a lot to enhance your customer’s experience.  Simple tags, like the one’s I’m sharing with you today, are a great way to thank buyer’s for supporting local artisans and craftspeople.  These free printable handmade tags let both the buyer, and their recipient know, that the item was handmade with love.

Nothing is nicer than a little piece of the heart of a crafter and simple tags like this enhance that “warm, fuzzy” feeling people get from handmade items.  It gets the feels and encourages purchases as well in a subtle way.

Feel free to download the printable .pdf of these tags, print them on a nice card stock, punch a small hole and hang with ribbon, twine or whatever floats your boat.  They’re cute on all kinds of projects.  Dress them up with a cute ribbon or lace. You can also add other embellishments to them, or stamp them on the back with your company logo.

These circle tags are approximately 3 inches in size.  The PDF is in high resolution so that your tags will come out looking super sharp!  Enjoy.

Please do not share these tags on your own site, direct people here to download them to help support my blog.  Thanks!

free printable handmade tags for crafts

Here is a pic of what they look like 🙂  There are 6 per sheet.  Enjoy!

free printable handmade tags for crafts

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2 thoughts on “Free Printable Handmade Tags for Crafts”

  1. So since I sell jewelry, I only tag certain items. Instead, I have price signs over various areas of the display. But I like giving this idea of giving my buyers something to thank them. I wonder if I could print these on stickers and stick them on the back of earring cards. Or maybe make an entirely new little token from a button with stickers on both sides? Hmmm….the wheels are turning. Thanks so much for the .pdf. I really like the wording too! It never hurts to remind someone gently of the time and care put into handmade items!

    1. Absolutely, I think a sticker on back of earring cards would be precious and easy/cost effective to do.

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