Free Craft Fair Evaluation Form

free craft fair evaluation form

I have participated in many craft fairs and festivals over the years. As a seller, one thing I appreciate is the ability to leave honest and useful feedback to show organizers.  This is helpful all around. It allows show promoters to grow and learn ways to improve, but it also allows them to see what works and should be continued for future shows.  Satisfied vendors lead to successful craft fairs, so it’s important for event organizers to gain this valuable feedback.

The easiest way for event organizers to reach out to vendors and get feedback is to poll their vendors with a simple craft fair evaluation form that is thorough, but not to time consuming to fill out. Forms that are too complicated are likely to not be returned.  For that reason,  I have put together a free craft fair evaluation form anyone can download and use that is simple while including the most pertinent information.

Vendors, feel free to print off copies and suggest them to organizers who aren’t already using their own. Tell them why it’s useful and hopefully they will be inclined to make copies and use it.  If you are an organizer, download it and use it as is or customize it further to meet your specific needs.

I included a simple 1 to 5 scale for several key areas and then some simple survey type questions. As I created it; I kept in mind the questions I would most like to give feedback to as a vendor.  I hope you find it useful and that it helps make your events better!

Free Craft Fair Evaluation Form

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