Flipboard for Organization and Inspiration

Like Pinterest? Then you’re going to love Flipboard.  Flipboard allows you to create free magazines on any topic under the sun.  You find articles, tutorials, inspirations etc and save them or “flip” them into your custom boards.

The layout is beautiful and the title/summaries make it much easier when you look through your boards to see what the image is actually about.  I love Pinterest, but Flipboard is a very close second and you can easily create and share amazing collections.

It’s free of course and you know me – I’ve started a magazine for a few subjects near and dear to my heart, including some craft and project inspirations I hope to get around to trying.

Check it out and feel free to follow my magazine or create some great collections of your own! (I apologize in advance for giving you a new addiction lol)

View my Flipboard Magazine.


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Author: Christin

Christin has been loving life as a freelance writer and artist for 15 years and is dedicated to using her skills and creativity to help others succeed doing what they enjoy. She owns and runs several sites and blogs that center on her various passions, from simple living to art, design and writing. You can check out more of her work on HubPages at http://christins.hubpages.com/

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