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old cabinet face turned into chalkboard

Craft themes are a great way to get noticed and offer a wider array of items.  For example, someone who focuses on pets, may make handmade dog collars, pet treats, and cat toys.  If you are a seamstress you might focus your efforts on dolls etc.  Another theme that is popular these days is anything green.  Here are some eco friendly craft ideas you can incorporate as part of your theme.

There are several interesting projects in this area.  Handmade paper is a great one.  You create your products using shredded papers and reinventing it into handmade stationary or cards.  A few years ago I saw a woman who was a gardener who sold handmade paper cards infused with seeds.  When you send the card to your loved one, they plant it and it grows.  How cool right.

Of The Earth Custom Paper Wedding Invitation
Of The Earth Custom Paper Wedding Invitation









Of the Earth is a great company that specializes in handmade paper seed invitations for weddings among other things.  Great theme and the products are absolutely unique and beautiful.

It’s fun to create something new from something old.  Lanterns out of old cans are a cool project.  So are planters out of jars, and my personal favorite – homemade terrariums.  These make fun gifts and you can really cut loose and get creative.  Below is just one example from  Be sure to check out the post for instructions and other examples.







This one is a bottle on its side with the top sawed off.  Pretty cool!  I’ve also seen these done with broken terracotta pots that were re-purposed into little miniature garden scenes.

Personally, I make lamps out of old wine bottles.  I have a family member who works in the wine tasting industry and I am able to collect a lot of great bottles from her.

I have also used old tiles, reclaimed wood, old cabinet facings and many other things for handmade items.  Anything that might hit a landfill qualifies as an eco-friendly craft if you can salvage it and recreate it into something permanent and usable.

Here is a chalkboard I made for my kitchen using an old junk cabinet face I found at a thrift store.  I painted it, added some stain to age it and give it the shabby chic look.  The metal adornments on the corners are hand-painted bits of chipboard as is the design on the board itself.  Very cute, not difficult at all and people love it.

chalkboard craft cabinet face







Great sources for materials include Craigslist, Freecycle and even local thrift shops and garage sales.

What kind of eco-friendly, re-purposed ideas can you come up with? Do you work with a theme?

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