DIY Jewelry Display Ideas Inexpensive & Easy

DIY jewelry display ideas easy cheap
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Jewelry is a highly competitive art and if you are selling it at craft fairs you won’t be the only one believe me. This is one area where your displays come in handy – being unique and creative can get people to view just one more jewelry stand, and perhaps that person will find something of yours they just can’t live without.

Here are a few ideas for DIY jewelry displays that can help you save money and move more product.

Wine Bottle Necklace Display

First off, I want to share my display I did last year for my Halloween Pendant necklaces at a couple of local fall festivals. I redo wine bottles into lamps all the time, so I decided to do a Halloween themed one to hang my necklaces onto.

wine bottle necklace display Halloween
wine bottle necklace display

You can see the full post how I did this on my DigitalPrintables blog, but in short, I created the wine bottle lamp; my husband drilled a hole in the middle of a board and we placed that over the top and used E6 to attach the super cute hooks to the board.

People went nuts over the display and I managed to move several necklaces as the result. The display cost about 7 dollars to make in materials (I had to use battery powered led lights at the shows)

We have a special drill piece we use to drill the holes in the bottles, the bit costs about $6.00 but will get through a dozen bottles or so. They have more expensive bits for sure that will last longer, but these suit my seasonal needs.

Tree Branch Necklace Display

Next up is this cute idea – a stick. Yep, a plain old tree branch with some spray paint, nails, wire – maybe some cup hooks. Suspend it from wire on your canopy or place the branch between shelves or whatever you like. It’s unusual, it’s nearly free and how adorable!

DIY tree branch jewelry display idea

This example is from Little Treasures Vintage & Designer Market.Β  Here are the full directions on how to create this.

Lace Earring Holders

Lace earring holders are also very cute and easy, although I’ve seen more of them cropping up lately. These frames are super cute and so easy. Attach a piece of lace to a dollar store frame, spray paint the frame and voila. Easy, cheap, and very appealing to the eye!

Here’s an example from Sincerely Yours

lace earring display DIY craft display ideas

For full instructions on how to build this and to see more images and possibilities visit Sincerely Yours.

More Inexpensive Jewelry Display Ideas

For bracelets in the past I’ve covered a Pringles can with fabric. Use black felt or any color. If you use a patterned fabric, make sure it doesn’t clash or detract from your jewelry itself. Scrap fabrics cost very little and you can put your Pringles can on a little stand and slide plenty of bracelets over the ends.

Other cheap ideas – spray paint or otherwise decorate the bottom of cardboard egg containers and place earrings in them.

You can also easily create a great artistic tree to hook earrings and necklaces onto. Grab a cool branch and affix it to the bottom of a flower pot or ceramic piece and then plastering in place. This is a simple, beautiful display for home and shows. Use it for jewelry, tags, keychains, whatever.

handmade jewelry tree

Here is a great example with an excellent tutorial from Rachel Leonard’s Right Brain Visual Journal. (Great website too)

So, there you have it – some great ideas for displays that are easy on the eyes and your wallet!

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