Are You Missing This Simple Tool to Develop Brand Recognition?

One trick we picked up along the way was having a custom stamp created for one of our product lines.  It’s a simple, very effective way to develop brand recognition for your craft business.

People who have seen us at markets before tell us they remember seeing our toys. Why? Because of our logo and business cards that feature our cute kitty line-drawn mascot and our play on words for our brand name.

“CatCrame” is our name and is a play on words – the rope toys are made out of macrame – you get the idea :).  So the cute, simple logo that is easy to remember commits it memory.  I always have people say “I remember you, weren’t you at the such and such event? Your toys are so cute”.

People who recognize you are more comfortable purchasing from you. Even if they don’t buy now, the more they see you the better your chances for making a sale.

custom stamp exampleOurs is a custom fabric stamp that allows us to put the logo on our toys directly without causing harm to pets.

This made it a bit of an expensive proposition (around 80 dollars), but a standard stamp is MUCH less and still a great way to practice brand recognition and add a bit of polish to your goods.

You can have your custom logo made into a stamp and use it to stamp not only your products directly if it’s feasible, but also your packaging, bags, business card backs etc.

Repetition can be subtle and make your brand logo stick in the minds of your shoppers.  Simple designs are better when it comes to this honestly, since complex patterns and a lot of words are not as easily committed to memory.

It’s a small investment and there are several places to order online.  They can be as simple or fancy as you like.

The example below is from of a super cute round logo – what can you come up with? This style is self-inking and sells for 14.99 with free shipping. What a great, inexpensive way to practice branding!

Don’t have a logo? You can design one yourself or go to Fiverr or another gig site and have someone design one for you. Be sure to include your company name and website. The sooner you do this before the busy season the better!

Once you have your design in order, purchase a stamp and matching business cards. Both are inexpensive and give your handmade business that extra touch of polish and professionalism.

Brand awareness is just as important for your business as it is for traditional brick and mortar stores.  A custom stamp is so affordable you need to be using it.  What other simple ways can you think of to develop brand recognition?  Feel free to share in the comments and help your fellow crafters. 🙂


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