Craft Vendor Apron

An apron is a great asset for a craft vendor. It can help you keep yourself organized and have everything you need right on your body while you are doing a craft show or event. An apron with several pockets can allow you to keep change, hang onto little items like needle and thread, small scissors, or other small tools and even help you keep some extra business cards ready to hand out.  They also look cute in addition to keeping you organized.

Although some kitchen aprons have pockets and can work just fine; there are actually aprons designed specifically for crafters.  If you are handy at sewing; check out the free pattern and tutorial from Crafti Staci. 

craft vendor apron tutorial and pattern
Cute apron designed just for crafters.
















Utility aprons are shorter and wider than a standard apron and can be a better choice for freedom of movement etc. They can be made super cute to match your own colors/themes. What better eye catcher than a funky apron right? Here is a great pattern and tutorial for utility aprons from Sugar Bee crafts. I love the ones below – how cute!

If you’re able, you might want to consider applying your business logo or name to your apron for free advertising. Even if you have no real sewing skills or desire to make your own apron from scratch, you could always purchase one and then apply an iron on logo.

utility apron for craft vendors
Utility Apron Tutorial


I am the first to admit, I have absolutely no sewing skills whatsoever.  For me, I have to purchase aprons, but there are plenty out there to be found.  Consider purchasing one from a local seamstress or craft fair vendor.  If there aren’t any options available locally; you can always check out Amazon as well.


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  1. Why has this never occurred to me?! I’m always a frantic mess when customers ask for a business card, even when I have a rack out! And because I make jewelry, I’m often asked questions about repairs or components. Having an apron would allow me to hold a few tools I can just whip out, instead of having to dig them out of my kit. This is seriously my next project. I need to find someone at a show that does embroidery. 🙂

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