Business Card Ideas for Crafters and Artists

Business Card Ideas for Crafters and Artists

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Keep yourself alive in customers memories with a great business card. Those in artistic and creative fields are known for creating some of the most clever and unique business cards – and for good reason of course!  So, are you looking for some business card ideas for crafters and artists? Here are some great resources for creating your own design, or learn where to find great designs made by other designers and artists that you can customize and order all in one place.

A great business card doesn’t just give your vital information; it’s like a tiny little canvas you can use to highlight your personality and sell yourself as well. I designed my own business cards in Photoshop, but there are several techniques you can use.

If you are artistic, paint a picture or draw a design, scale it and then use that for your business card print. There are several sites online where you can order cards in bulk using your own design and this can save money, not to mention time. When you’re first getting started, you may want to consider printing your own cards on good stock and cutting them with a paper cutter.  (Don’t cut your cards out with scissors, they will look uneven and very unprofessional).

One cute technique is to place a little embellishment on your business card. If you sew doll clothes, put a little button or something on the card inside a flower. If you do scrapbook pages, consider using a paper design on your cards.

When I was selling soaps, I put a tiny scrap of soap in a tiny little zip lock bag 1” x 1” and stapled it onto my card. I placed my cards in a little brass bathtub on my table and people took cards all the time and remembered me for that little gimmick.

There are so many cute ways to make your business cards work for you, so use your creativity and come up with something that really stands out.

Free Tools To Create Business Cards

If you don’t have Photoshop; I recommend GIMP. It is a free software that has a lot of the same functionality. You can even alter .psd (Photoshop) original files in it. While it’s not Photoshop, it has a lot of nice features and is completely free. Can’t beat that right?

Need a template? Avery has a nice selection of templates you can download and insert into Word.

Do you have enough to do already and don’t really want the hassle of coming up with a design, printing it, cutting it etc.  Consider supporting other artists by purchasing customizable cards on Zazzle.

Buy Zazzle Business Cards

This is a great way to get fantastic designs that have been created by other artists/creatives to be unique.  I love shopping Zazzle because I know my money is supporting other artists who sell their designs in this marketplace.  Some of the cards I’ve seen on there are absolutely amazing.

These are just a few examples of what you can find on Zazzle – just do a search for your craft + businesscard and you’ll have numerous designs and styles to choose from no matter what you’re specialty.

seamstress business card design
Love the vintage appeal and cute animation in this design – very striking and super cute for a seamstress of any sort.



Love the colors and bold shapes on this one – a great design that could be very versatile and is super cute and feminine.


owl business card design paper crafters
I love owls, so I’m biased, but isn’t this super cute for paper crafters? Love the owl made from papers – oh my.



High res photography and contrast make this one a winner for jewelry.





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4 thoughts on “Business Card Ideas for Crafters and Artists

  1. I didn’t realize how important business cards could be until I be handling shows and ran out. And I had no idea that Zazzle printed them. Thank you so much!

    • So true, the moment you run out 100 people will ask for one. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way too 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Great ideas! I typically only allow myself to spend $20 at craft fairs or similar flea market settings, but I always collect business cards of vendors I love for future purchases. Having a memorable business card is an effective way to get your name out there.

    • Thanks Hannah for the read and comment. My goodness, you are very disciplined to stick to the $20 limit. 🙂 It’s hard to do, but I also tend to pick up business cards along my travels. Great way to support our local communities over “box mart” for the holidays! 🙂

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