Booth Walls for Craft Shows Indoor and Outdoor Ideas

craft fair both wall ideas
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craft fair both wall ideas

For those who use canopies like EZ-Up for outdoor events, there are sets of side walls you can purchase, but what if you are strictly an indoor vendor, or want some different options? Today, I thought I would explore some ideas for portable walls for craft shows.

Walls, of course, are a great way to expand your craft booth real estate and vividly display items, or even photos or posters of your items.  If you’re using the standard walls, you can often hang a long curtain rod along the edge of the canopy top and then hang items from that.  I’ve done this successfully with jewelry and other dangly things.

Some of you need other options though so here are some great looking wall ideas.  Of course, some of these will be easier than others and will depend on your vehicle and ability to transport, but there should be some inspirations here for everyone 🙂 Enjoy

craftboothwall ideas


First up, this clever idea of using folding panels on casters. You can arrange these in all sorts of ways, line them up straight or angle them like this.  You could even place screws where you could balance small rails for displaying paper crafts or framed items.

When you show items in ways they are likely to be used; it increases sales.  I love this idea for those who do photography, any paper art, frames, etc.  Clever, although probably a wee bit cumbersome to travel with unless you have a truck or large van.



Here’s a frugal fix. Craft show booth walls that are inexpensive and DIY. These custom walls are built from boxes. This example is cardboard boxes which I don’t recommend alone, however if you were to cover them in fabric or something to make them more sturdy perhaps they would work well.


Otherwise, invest in some pine crates or unfinished rustic crates. If you’re handy, you can build them using the cheaper lumber at home improvement stores, or buy them in sets like the ones below.




A lot of crafters use lattice also. It’s pretty and makes a great backdrop for many items.  The image below shows great use of this, both inside and outside the display so people approaching can see some of her art hanging before they even get to the entry where you go in.  Great work.

Image Credit: Wrenegade Press

lattice walls for craft booths

Below is another great idea using plastic pvc pipe and draped fabric.  There is even a tutorial to show you how they built it.  I really like the look, particularly if you can use a fabric that coordinates with your table covers.  Click the image to visit their blog and learn how to create these lovely walls yourself.






Saving the best for last; this final inspiration comes from Wired Orchid.  This amazing display was created with shutter doors, turned upside down so the slats face upward.  Where she needed a flat display, she removed slats and placed a shelf in.  Absolutely gorgeous – I totally want to go view her jewelry now, don’t you?


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