Organized Cheap Craft Display Idea Very Cute!

Source: How to Organize Craft Supplies

I came across this post today while looking for some inexpensive ways to display craft items that are unique. I really like the look of this and I think it could be easily converted to an interesting display for a craft booth. Who doesn’t like a cute cheap craft display idea right?

Instead of markers or supplies in the little buckets – imagine bars of soap that people could pull out and smell? or perhaps some cute bracelets or jewelry pieces people can root through to find the perfect piece? What items do you make that would work in this display?

The cute little buckets were from a dollar store and the frame is a garage sale picture. Be sure to use the link above to check out her post to see the full project!

This project lends itself nicely to the premise of allowing your customers to touch items. It develops a sense of ownership and leads to greater sales. You can learn more about that here:  craft fair marketing tips.

Awesome isn’t it? How clever. I can’t wait to come up with my version for this Fall’s craft sales. If I can find little metal buckets at the dollar store;  I think they would make a great display for some of my magnet sets. Put the packaged magnets on the inside, and stick loose magnets for people to play with on the outside.

I would also probably put a backing in the frame with a nice contrasting fabric or even decoupaged with pretty papers, or perhaps even chalkboard paint. You could write something above the display that way.   Possibilities are endless with this, so look for a future post once I’ve figured out how I’m going to work with it :).

Hopefully it will inspire you to think of clever new ways to reuse items for your displays as well.

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