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Where to Find Bulk Craft Supplies and Save Money

cheap bulk craft supplies

When you sell crafts at fairs, it’s important to be sure you are finding the best possible deals on your supplies. Larger operations need a business ID to get wholesale pricing, but most small handmade businesses can still source items inexpensively if you know where to look. Below is a list of several places where …

Outdoor Craft Show Booths Tips for Outdoor Shows

Many of us do a variety of shows inside and outside.  Outdoor festivals have their own unique set of challenges, however, so it’s important to prepare thoroughly.  On the upside, outdoor events are often very festive, they have music and food and a lot going on and they lend themselves to earning more money (depending …

Portable Shelving Ideas for Craft Shows

Craft show displays need to not only look amazing but be easy to load, unload and then set up.  A lot of us do craft fairs on our own or have smaller vehicles etc.  Also, the ever decreasing space sizes mean building your space up is not only recommended but necessary for most of us. …

Inexpensive Table Riser Ideas

craft fair table riser DIY

Are you looking for another great way to show off your products and really get them to stand out?  Raise your tables! In past posts, I’ve talked a lot about getting your items up off the flat surface and placing them at different heights on the tables with your displays.  This draws the eye and …

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