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DIY ideas to save you money on craft displays, art and craft projects

Top 10 Best Selling Crafts for 2017

best selling crafts 2017

Wondering what some of the top trends for 2017 might be? These top trends are doing well both in shows and online.  Get some inspiration for your 2017 craft season with these great examples.  Click the images to view the actual product as you go through this list. While my research is not highly scientific, …

DIY Craft Fair Table Cover Ideas

One of the best places to really make a statement with your booth design is with your table coverings.  Table covers can draw the eye of shoppers and be used to highlight your products simultaneously. I’ve linked below to some examples of excellent table covers. You can buy them, but it’s even better if you …

Frugal Craft Display Ideas

frugal craft display ideas

One of the beautiful things about being a crafty person is the creative ways we can come up with to display our products. Handmade or re-purposed items make unique, eye-catching displays. I often visit thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets looking for items for my crafts and my booth. Here are some of my …

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