DIY Projects With Glass Jars

DIY glass crafts

In the world of upcycled crafts, nothing has been quite so popular or versatile as jar crafts.  There are some truly amazing DIY projects with glass jars out there.  Here are some beautiful inspirations.  What ideas will you come up with. Remember: Always support other artists and never steal ideas.  Inspiration is great, theft is … Read moreDIY Projects With Glass Jars

DIY Keychains Easy Craft to Make and Sell

DIY keychains

Are you looking for an easy craft to make and sell at craft shows? Perhaps you want to add some lower price point items to increase revenue? DIY keychains are great for this.  They don’t occupy too much space and are relatively simple and inexpensive to produce but offer a lot of room for creative … Read moreDIY Keychains Easy Craft to Make and Sell

Top Selling Crafts for 2018

top selling crafts 2018

Wondering what some of the top selling craft trends for 2018 might be? What follows are items that are doing very well at shows and online. Get some inspiration for your upcoming craft season. While my research isn’t highly scientific, it is based on my years of experience as a craft fair vendor and writer/researcher.  … Read moreTop Selling Crafts for 2018

2017 Popular Christmas Crafts That Sell Well

2017 best selling Christmas Crafts

Are you looking for some things to make for Christmas craft fairs or a way to make your regular products fit for the season?  As crafters, many of us are very focused on the Fall season at present, but November brings out a lot of holiday shoppers. Below are some ideas for Christmas Crafts that … Read more2017 Popular Christmas Crafts That Sell Well

2017 Best Selling Handmade Soap & Soap Scents

2017 most popular soaps

I have sold a great deal of soap over the years and have seen many trends come and go.  Soap can have a more subdued look or be a complete artistic masterpiece, depending on the lengths you want to go. I find personally my best sellers are the ones I keep simple and very health … Read more2017 Best Selling Handmade Soap & Soap Scents

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