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Booth Inspirations for Craft Fair Vendors

Apron Displays for Craft Shows

So, you’ve made a lot of pretty aprons and want them to be easy for shoppers to see. This can be a little tricky depending on the size of your booth space.  Once they are spread out, they can take up a lot of room very quickly.  If you leave them all folded though, not …

7 Inspiring Small Craft Booth Ideas

Have you noticed the latest trend in booth space? Apparently, many craft show organizers have opted for the less is more approach – meaning they sell you less space so they can cram in more crafters and make more money. Yes, this can be an annoyance if you have a lot of products, or want …

Craft Fair Booth Walls Indoor and Outdoor Ideas

craft fair both wall ideas

For those who use canopies like EZ-Up for outdoor events, there are sets of side walls you can purchase, but what if you are strictly an indoor vendor, or want some different options? Today, I thought I would explore some inspirations for craft fair booth walls with you. Walls, of course, are a great way …

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