Get Inspired Craft Fair Booth Design Ideas

Craft Fair Booth Design Ideas

Your ideal booth will depend a lot on what you are selling, but there are some tips that work well universally.  The most important thing you can do is avoid flat table displays.  Flat displays are well – flat, they do not have enough visual interest to really pull people in.  You want to not only draw the eye towards your products, but also make your items easy to see and touch (when applicable).  Looking for examples of great table displays?  Learn More…

Get the bulk of your items up off the table surface and create textured or layered displays.  The eyes love lines and grouping.  Stacking crates, stair step displays, and hanging racks are just a few ideas.  It doesn’t have to be expensive either. I love this set of stacking crates. It’s under $20, you can paint or stain them to meet your needs and they fit neatly together. You can arrange them on your table in various ways.

Your booth itself should ideally have both floor and table displays, and when possible walls that separate your area and make it more like a little retail shop than just a tent with tables of stuff.

If you’re like me, you do fairs and festivals both indoors and out.  Your setup will likely vary a bit depending on the venue, but the rules are basically the same.  Create a space where your products are the center of attention and there is as little distraction as possible.

Make good use of lighting (natural or otherwise), make your display contrast nicely with your products and ensure that you are making your space appear full, but not cluttered.  This is a fine line.  Too much stuff and it becomes overwhelming to your visitors, but not enough stuff and the perception of scarcity also drives them away.

Items should be staged in ways that demonstrate their use.  A mannequin wearing a piece of clothing or accessories you’ve created for example.  If you create bath and body products, place a few staged in a pretty basket with rolled up towel – make it look like something you would see in a spa.  There are so many staging ideas that will help your customers visualize using your items.  Even photographs on a table can work.  Say you make baby bows, place a couple of nicely framed images of cute babies in your bows.

There is a fine balance between what drives retail sales and what makes craft fair booths successful.  In retail, clerks often do what is called “fronting shelves”.  This means pulling items forward to give the illusion of fullness.  For whatever reason, people are more inclined to buy if something is full, but not “overcrowded”.  This is where organization and continual straightening/tidying of your area come into play.  Be prepared to use the time between customers to tidy up and organize.

Examples of Outdoor Craft Fair Booth Displays

Here are a couple of my favorite outdoor craft fair vendor booths.

craft fair booth ideasThis booth stands out to me because of its great use of total space.  I like how the hanging items draw the eye into what is just an ordinary EZ up canopy tent.  She makes excellent use of the wall space in her booth and has a nice enclosed, but not cramped space.

If you look at the booth to the right they have things dangling out in the open – not as pretty and nice – too easy to be distracted.  This booth draws you in to see more.  I would suggest with this one to make better use of table displays and cover the ends, but a lot is right with this space.  You can view more about this booth and her tips for craft shows here.

craft fair booth inspirationCheck out this booth, what a lovely set up.  I really like the blue and green flags and curtain ties, it’s striking and helps turn a plain old canopy tent into a beautiful space.  She makes nice use of her table displays too, with contrasting skirts and covers (not sure about the brown, but contrast is good) and bringing her items up to eye level and above with great displays.  Excellent booth. You can learn more about it and her tips for displays here.
You can see many more examples of both indoor and outdoor booths on my Pinterest board “Craft Fair Booth Setup & Design Ideas”

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Craft Fair Vendor Booth Design

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