Brand New Directory for Crafters List Your Business Free

It’s a new year and a great time to focus on new ideas.  I’ve recently launched a directory featuring handmade businesses by state.  Are you a craft fair vendor or artist?  Be sure to get your free listing now! Please share this directory and spread the word.  The more people I can get to participate … “Brand New Directory for Crafters List Your Business Free”

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Impress Your Guests & Get Repeat Customers

Repeat customers ensure your handmade business will grow and be successful.  While it’s important to create an impressive display and market to new customers, don’t neglect reaching out to established buyers and even the “just looking” crowd. Here are some techniques you can use right now to keep your buyers coming back for more – … “Impress Your Guests & Get Repeat Customers”

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Get Inspired Attention Grabbing Craft Fair Jewelry Booth Ideas

Jewelry is quite the competitive sport now in many markets.  While it’s always very popular, it’s also predominant in many markets and requires a top-notch display to get yours noticed over the sea of other options available.  Below are some top-notch displays that you can use for inspiration to build or update your jewelry booth. … “Get Inspired Attention Grabbing Craft Fair Jewelry Booth Ideas”

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2017 Best Selling Handmade Soap & Soap Scents

I have sold a great deal of soap over the years and have seen many trends come and go.  Soap can have a more subdued look or be a complete artistic masterpiece, depending on the lengths you want to go.  I find personally my best sellers are the ones I keep simple and very health … “2017 Best Selling Handmade Soap & Soap Scents”

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Cheap Craft Supply Storage Ideas

Have your craft items overtaken your home and your life? I’ve found over the years that my space has become dominated by a lot of my collected materials and as a result I’ve had to become more organized.  Even in small spaces, you can find clever ways to stash items, but that’s not always the … “Cheap Craft Supply Storage Ideas”

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How to Overcome Sales Anxiety for Crafters

I am a firm believer in mind over matter.  Often times, what we think and feel directly impacts everything from our creativity level to our sales outcomes.  When do you find your creative flow is easisest? When you are relaxed, comfortable and at ease? Or when you are tense and worried? This same premise goes … “How to Overcome Sales Anxiety for Crafters”

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