Bead Craft Ideas Not Jewelry

bead craft ideas not jewelry

bead craft ideas not jewelryI gave up on making jewelry years ago. The markets were saturated and I was getting burned out and wanted to make new items and direct my energy elsewhere for a while. I put away all my old supplies, knowing one day I’d dig them out again to do something – but what?

I love beads – it’s an almost unnatural love for beads, wire, etc. I had the urge to create something new and it turns out there are a lot of really cool non-jewelry projects out there for beads. Below are some inspirations for you with variations and ideas I’ve implemented (or plan to).

I hope this post inspires you to find some great ways to use beads in new ways for your projects.

Bead Project Ideas

I love making sun catchers with glass beads. This is a simple, beautiful way to use up some beads and create a beautiful display in the process.

The example above is from the Garden Art Projects website.  You can click the image to visit and learn more about their version of this project.  Don’t you love how the sun shines through the beads and the vibrant pops of color?

Great for the garden or for your kitchen window.


Ok, so I am really afraid of spiders and don’t care for them, but I think the beaded spider project is pretty darn cool.

You could do these with black, gray, red etc for a creepy looking spider for Halloween.  Maybe attach them to napkin rings or turn them into wine glass decorations?

This one, (that links to the tutorial), is actually very pretty and interesting.  Not something you see every day that’s for sure.


This Etsy artist has discovered a great way to recycle those used Mardi-gras beads and it’s very clever.

I’m sure this wouldn’t be limited to just Mardi Gras beads, get a frame and some glue and take any beads you have and create a masterpiece to hang and display.

If you used transparent beads and glued them directly to the glass and added a hanger you could probably remove the back and place it in the window also to catch light.


mardi gras bead Christmas Trees

Here’s another fun craft that helps recycle Mardi Gras beads and keep them from the landfill.

These trees are cute and festive.  The image will take you to the tutorial on how to make them.  I would think you could use any beads you like and do them in a variety of sizes to add a festive touch for Christmas.


mason jar bead art

Jazz up a mason jar, or wine glass with beaded dangles.  This artist does a great job creating luminaries.  Be sure to click the image to visit her Etsy shop.


ornaments made with beads Use a wooden shape for a background and collage some beads into cute ornaments, or even monograms.  Wouldn’t a beaded monogram be cute for a little girls bedroom door?

You could use buttons, beads, bits of old tea cups, tiles and create a really special mixed media piece.


beaded bookmarks The “My Frugal Adventure” blog has a great tutorial for making these simple, but very pretty bookmarks.

A bit of colored cord, some coordinating beads, and assorted doodads and you have a very pretty and functional craft you can do yourself, or even invite the kids to participate.

These are the cutest things – I just love them.

melted bead bowl tutorial Here is a tutorial for making plastic bowls and other items out of melted plastic beads. While it’s a cool looking project, I suggest exercising extreme caution doing this. Plastics release toxins when they are heated.

If you want to try this, perhaps try it in a toaster type oven you can plug in and sit outside, or even on a grill perhaps? I know I’m not melting beads in my kitchen oven!



beaded christmas wreath ornament tutorial These ornaments from Jesse James Beads are super cute and a simple way to make some very pretty ornaments for your Christmas tree (or just in general).

The image links to the tutorial.  Great project for those larger beads you might have lying around.


DIY beaded hairpins These DIY beaded hairpins are quite simple to put together and they are so pretty! Great way to jazz up your standard bobby pins and add some beauty to any hairstyle. Click the image to be taken to the tutorial on

A little jewelry wire, some pliers and pretty beads of your choice are all you need to give your bobby pins a makeover. A bit of E6 and you could probably do bead combinations to make even more noticeable hairpins.

Grab Some Bargain Beads















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