5 Unique Earring Displays for Craft Fairs

Jewelry is one of the most popular items at craft fairs.  How do you get your products noticed and bought without drowning in the ocean of competition?

Many sellers offer earrings at a low price point.  When they are displayed in fun ways, they are a great way to draw customers into your booth and as they are getting a great deal on a pair of earrings, you can show them other pieces that complement them.

When I sold jewelry my most popular item was earrings, not because they were anything super special, but because I had them on this neat antiqued bronze rotating display I bought.  I put soft twinkle lights on top or leaves or whatever to draw the eye, and people loved spinning that display.  (so do kids, unfortunately, so you have to keep a close eye)

Anyway, here are a few earring displays I found that I think are fantastic.  Most are DIY items you can use for inspiration.  What will you come up with?

I love this cute display made from recycled fruit crates with dowel rods.  These can be jazzed up or kept simple and they still work.

As long as your earrings are carded, it’s a great way to display them where they can be removed easily.

Also, you can store them in there – bonus!



This flickr image is from “lilruby” and I really like the way she has her earrings displayed in this tiered drawer/rack thing she built.

They are all easy to see, but you still get that urge to peek in that draws people to explore the items.

I also like that this isn’t a typical upright display for earrings – makes it more interesting and unique.




clever idea from studio method(e) jewelry in Quebec


What a clever way to display earrings. If it were me I’d use cute mini clothespins, but the earrings are placed on business card backs.

These can be strung along a canopy or in a booth somehow and they are very eye catching and a great way to promote your online business. (If you click the image you’ll see their Etsy shop).




Handmade stand on Etsy

What a clever display, I love how unique it is without taking away from the items you would display on it.

This one was listed on Etsy and has since sold, but check with the seller or create something inspired on your own. I think there would be many interesting ways to use branches for a great display.








DIY Display from Amanda Giesler on FlickrSo much to love with this very creative display.  This is created from a sturdy box that was cut, then decoupaged.

I think a coat of paint would do wonders to enhance this display, but I really love the tiered look and how easy it is to put earrings on and also to remove them.

With thinner dowels, you can probably put the earrings on card backs and pop them on there backed as well.  Some people show great ingenuity when creating their displays.















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