5 Amazing Spring Craft Ideas – Get Inspired!

Need some inspiration for Spring craft ideas?  Here are some really clever and creative projects I found that I love.  I hope you will find some inspiration in them.

If you’re like me, you think Peeps candies and jellybeans are very cute, but not very good to eat.  Even if you like eating them though – you may just want to reserve a few to do this project featured on the Autocrat blog.

Easter Peep Floral Arrangement







Next up, find a use for all your colorful buttons with this beautiful button tree.  I can think of a lot of custom art you could create with buttons.  What a clever creation filled with bursts of great color.  There are tutorials and a lot great things on her blog.

Vibrant Button Tree from Crafts by Amanda
Vibrant Button Tree from Crafts by Amanda








Next up, check out these super cute and reversible Spring wood blocks – very clever and great for the whole Spring season!

Wood Blocks Spring
Sawdust Sanity Spring/Easter Blocks











The next idea I saw on Pinterest and it’s for painted rock garden markers that you can use to identify various crops.  You can do simple and elegant like the ones below, or go all out with vibrant colors.  I would recommend weather proofing them somehow if they will be outdoors.











Finally, the wax paper lanterns below are so delicate looking and could really be used for all seasons, but image some bright Spring flowers pressed into these?  Super cool and pretty easy to do.  You’ll find the tutorial by clicking the image.

DIY Wax Paper Lanterns - Gorgeous project for Spring
DIY Wax Paper Lanterns – Gorgeous project for Spring












I hope you have enjoyed some inspiration with these fun projects! You can discover more great ideas for your craft booth and displays here on my blog and by following my boards on Pinterest!

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