Welcome to The Craft Booth

Are you looking for craft fair vendor tips and inspiration to create displays and booths that stand out from the crowd?  Perhaps you are a craft fair beginner and are having trouble taking that leap?

I created this site with the craft fair vendor in mind.  I have a background in design, retail sales and have sold successfully at craft fairs for several years.  During this time, I have used my knowledge, combined with a lot of “trial and error” and testing of different techniques to increase sales and brand recognition.

I have learned a lot from fellow artists and craft vendors whose help was invaluable, so this site is a way of “paying it forward” and helping others, whether newbie or seasoned.  We can all learn from each other.

As you make your way through the various pages and posts, please feel free to comment and make suggestions.  We love feedback from fellow crafters.  It helps us all be more successful.

My goal is to use this site to help fellow creatives reach their fullest potential and really learn to enjoy the marketing side of craft fairs.

The most important lesson we’ve learned is that our booths and displays are even more important than our products!  A great display is the key to success and a mediocre or poorly planned display will cost you.

Craft Fair Vendor Tips and Tricks

So glad you are here, spend some time, look around, read the blog and you’ll …

  • Learn costly mistakes to avoid
  • Discover simple (and cheap or free) techniques to build customer loyalty
  • Confidently be able to conquer your first craft fair
  • Get advice on displays, booths, packaging ideas and marketing materials. 
  • Learn how to market yourself – it’s important for repeat business.
  • Get advice on pesky legal stuff like insurance and liability
  • Get inspired and get your creativity flowing in new ways.

I will also share some of my designs that you can use to enhance your products.  People respond to appreciation – something as simple as a “thanks for supporting local artists” sign or tags that remind people our products are handmade with love are great little incentives.

Also, booth displays.  Don’t just look at them as a bunch of tables and a canopy.  They are micro portable retail stores.  They reflect who you are and the quality of your product.  *Hint* If you have an awesome booth with well packaged and displayed items; you can charge more for your products.

Why? Because quality booths that really shine will draw customers in who are willing to pay more for perceived higher quality.

The opposite is also true of course.  You can have the most well-constructed items on the planet, but if you just slap them down on a plain table with a higher price; people will walk away.

Marketing, display, presentation of self – ALL are vital to your success.  If you’re only focused on your art – you’re missing out.  SO, grab a cuppa your favorite beverage and dig in. This site will get your creative juices flowing and change your business!

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